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Providence Interiors

Providence Interiors provides Professional Paint Effects to businesses and residential alike.

Whether you are simply wanting a makeover, repairs, statement and feature walls, designer kitchens/cupboards, furniture with effects, gilding or plain, metal or concrete items, interior and exterior, these are my speciality.

I have also “repaired” imported items brought in by my clients that have experienced wear and tear over time, or even been damaged in error, and where these could not be salvaged as is, I have worked on the item by prepping it for further effects, consulted with my clients, and provided different effects thus salvaging their product.

Being a qualified Interior Decorator, I will consult with my clients and provide them with options of colours for their interiors and exteriors to give them the elegant space they are after.

Also offered are specialist training tuition, workshops and team building for those needing to give their staff a boost with a creative flair.

Stage and Screen Travel Services

We take a haute couture approach to designing business travel solutions for those in creative industries. Whether you’re in media, advertising, publishing or entertainment, our individually tailored itineraries and travel programs deliver a perfect fit. With the backing of the Flight Centre Travel Group, we can negotiate the best value for your travel.

Contact us for a bespoke travel solution for your company. From negotiated group flight rates to added extras on your hotel stay, we can do it all!

Bizmod Creative

Meet the crayons in suits who are focused on helping businesses translate complex concepts and messaging in a visual, simple and easy to understand design.

Lindi Bester – Kohl Makeup Academy

Kohl graduates work on various television productions, films, magazines, live productions and more. Our aim is to inspire make-up artists, as well as the public with our passion for make-up. Make-up is an art. Kohl Make-up has put together the most creative, talented and experienced group of professionals who are passionate about the Kohl brand and believe in producing only the best artists. We teach our students the art of make-up, airbrushing and hair styling that is relevant to the ever changing industry in our country, as well as the skills they need to work anywhere in the world.

Maestro S.M.T

Hi here to brief you about Techno-Boys Inc is Sanele Mr Magubane the Founder and Managing partner, TBI is a young people’s vision to a new age business what ever your business is TBI will source out solutions for your specific market to allow your business to be flexible around your space, now let me explain that for you. Say you in marketing or you in Arts not only do we source out theses magical solutions but we also introduce you with individuals or groups who also in the not so far field from to set up a small network, basically we do this so you can extend your reach and offer a variety of option to your clients, one of our distinct touch is innovation but we tap more into integration in order produce more than anticipated. We not typical not that other few businesses are but we exotic and fortunately our results tell the story so we don’t go around bragging but instead go back to the office to produce another breath taking masterclass.
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Business Development
Market Survey
Marketing & PR
3D Presentation Animation
Business Plan & Branding