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Create Your Creativity

We are all born creative, as anyone with a three to five year old knows. Most of us lose track of our Creativity as we age, very possibly due to the way we have structured Industrial society. But it’s an inborn skill that is always there, like riding a bike. No matter how much we are, or think we are, already in touch with our Creativity, or not, there’s always more to reconnect to. And reconnecting to it is simple. Not easy. But simple. The result of a deliberate process. A set of activities we can design, and choose. And that is what our work, is about.

Cyan Development Concepts

Creative arts training to youth interested in entering the arts sector, those who want to develop their visual arts and graphic design portfolio and also their business savvy.

Leonard Shapiro

I am an experienced drawing tutor and skilled workshop facilitator and enjoy facilitating learning, growth and development in others in the field of OBSERVATIONAL DRAWING.

I teach on an individual as well as on a group basis.

I holds a Bachelor of Fine Art (BAFA Honours) degree from the University of Cape Town’s Michaelis School of Fine Art. I also hold a Bachelor of Social Science (BsocSc) degree from UCT, majoring in psychology and sociology.