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Deswayne Jonas

Lowest price, try me, you will be surprised.
Pro Freelance Writer
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How it works, you send me a brief of the requirements for the job, I quote, you confirm. All work are e-mailed on time. Satisfaction gaurenteed.

Cell: 078 078 3863

Writer: health and well-being

As a highly experienced writer for clients in diverse fields, I am accurate, creative and flexible to ensure that briefs are met and my clients are happy. I am an accomplished writer and have proven my ability over and over again. I have a passion for the fields of health, nutrition and mental well-being.

Robyn Perros

I am a freelance writer / photojournalist / artist / explorer currently based in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. I specialize in journalistic feature writing and documentary photography covering topics largely related to: women, art, music, street / public art, sub-cultures, surfing and the environment. I also create content for corporate clients and brands. In my free time I make art photography predominantly on film / analogue and disposable cameras and love to collaborate with other creatives. My work has been featured in various print and online publications. You can view my full bio HERE:

Monica Davies

I thrive in a digital world. I like to reimagine why, how and where digital communication can change our world. If you need a writer, content creator or digital manager who wants to do things differently, contact me.

Viwe Jonas

I believe that poetry is an expression of the world through the eyes of the poet. The duty of the listener is not to validate the poets expression but rather for one to see the world through the poets vision.

Poetry allows us to question ourselves and the world we integrate ourselves in, in a manner that not limited to the norms of society.Essentially, the creative craft allows one to embellish and to darken this expression at free will.

My passion lies greatly in the woman figure and her internal fluctuations in understanding her true woman self, unhampered by outside forces. It is to the self that I write and to the people that I question.

Athenkosi Matyalana

I’m an online and social media content producer. I specialise in producing SEO-friendly content, curating content online and creative writing. I also help create online marketing strategies for businesses.

Brad Harris

I am a Cape Town based writer and editor.

I make the unimaginable believable. The power of language to inform identity is an idea that I love. I revel in the fact that my job is about creating and telling a story, not simply matching good words together.

I love to write, you see. But what I really look for is to make a difference through my work.

As a creative, I have a passion for bringing things to life. Even if I’m editing an academic paper, it brings back that nostalgic feeling you have as a kid. When you believed with everything you were that the box lying across the room was actually a creature you needed to slay. Or when you looked at the big tree in your garden and saw only a castle-wall that needed climbing. It’s about making the unimaginable believable. The notion hardly even makes sense, yet it’s why I write.?

Lav Nandlall

It is my job to annihilate bad grammar, provide copy and content for various platforms, review albums, interview musicians, research back routes for tourists and work as a ghostwriter for those who need to tell their human stories in words. I can be found researching antique pieces during the day or playing music journalist at night. Mostly though, you can find me on my official blog and we can chat about how I can create content that works for you or your business.

Sasa Nqabeni

Story Lining for soapies, dramas and sitcoms, Script editing and management, Scriptwriting for tv shows; specialize in documentaries and reality, Publicity and press release copy, Song writing, Proposal and treatment writing

Thuli Mabaso

Creative writer, scripting, poet, narrative writer, copy editor and proofreader