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Steve Lewis
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I’m a South African motion designer with an extensive history working within advertising agencies and studios, now freelancing in the awesome and vibrant city of Cape Town, South Africa.

I’m a digital native with a love for art, animation, graphic design, sound design and creative programming. I spent a lot of my youth making small games and visual experiments with code, while studying multimedia design and creative communications I discovered the power of After Effects and 3D animation software and saw how it blended so much of what I really enjoy into one, that’s when I knew I wanted to be a motion designer.

I’ve had the privilege of being able to work alongside some great teams of creatives in advertising agencies around Cape Town and have worked on loads of really interesting and challenging projects for some great brands, some of these challenges drove me into the technical aspects of video production where I’ve found a passion for automation and tool development within the animation field. I love solving problems and yearn for creative challenges.

Virtualscape Visuals
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We are your technical 3D & digital design specialist! Transforming your creative idea into a medium of choice that provides clarity to your end user.

* Engineering & Industrial 3D Renders & Videos
* Architectural & Property 3D Renders & Videos
* Visual Communication (Branding, illustrations, websites and presentations)

1410th Digital Film
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1410th is an end to end post-production facility and boutique content producer, servicing commercial brand campaigns.

Passion Pusher
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We are a freelancing agency that provides Branding, Digital & Design solutions for companies and individuals through an in-house network of freelancers. We eliminate the risks of hiring a freelancer, by screening and handpicking the best freelancers the world has to offer and listing them on our website. We provide added convenience by facilitating all communications, administration and financial transactions between the client and the freelancer.

AMOK Digital
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We are young, dynamic, and fresh. A bunch of unique misfits who are not afraid to let the crazy sparkle. We embrace the dedicated, the creative dreamers and free-thinkers, the extraordinary, and the strange, and our Clients love it!

We might be small, but our talented team is all-round skilful. What we don’t know, we learn. What we do, we do extremely well.

We are young enough to know that technology changes behaviour, and old enough to know how to wield this knowledge wisely.

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We are a Cape Town based studio offering the following services to both agencies and brands:

– motion graphics
– animation
– explainers
– video production
– post production & VFX

Clint Sutton Illustration
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My name is Clint, and I am a professional illustrator and animator. My business is called Clint Sutton Illustration, based in Cape Town, South Africa.

My work covers game design, marketing, 2D animation, UI design, logo design, character design, children’s books and apps. I have 16 years experience working direct with clients, as well as freelancing for agencies and other designers, offering a uniquely personal touch. I am accurate and fast and keep to budget. No nasty surprise charges at the end of the project. My pricing is firm. I am able to take your project from concept through to final deliverable smoothly and efficiently.

Get in touch with me for your next project.

The Black Arts
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The Black Arts is now open for business.

We are a young, dynamic animation and illustration studio. On the look-out for like minded partners and clients to create award winning and exciting projects.

There is no brief to big or too small. Whether you want a simple logo build or a super slick, high-end animated TVC. We can work with you to maximize your budget and ensure a quality product.

Incubate Productions
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– Motion Graphics Artist / Animator


– 2D Design, Animation and basic Editing Skills.
– Knowledge of Motion concepts, Workflow and Techniques.
– Proficient in After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere.
– Experience in any 3D Application.
– Well organized and able to handle multiple assignments with varying deadlines.
– Good communications skills.
– 2/3 Years Experience


– Working with the creative director from concept to completion.
– Creating motion graphics in a variety of styles and scope.
– Conforming to design/script requirements, while adding creative input.
– Troubleshoot technical and graphic-related issues.
– Estimate and budget time and resources to remain on target for project timelines.
– Occasional on set duties outside of the office.

Here is our Vimeo link;
This will give you an indication of what we are looking for.

Lynda Ward
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I’m an experienced digital illustration and animation professional. Over the years I’ve created images and films for a variety of industries including advertising, children’s publishing and educational media.