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Sandy Mitchell
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I am a published illustrator living in Cape Town. I enjoy creating artwork for both children and adults and have been involved in various project including picture book illustration, greeting cards, clothing, wallpaper and more. All of my work is originally hand drawn and either completed in pen and ink or digitally. Otherwise I have great fun with collage.

Andrew Cramer
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I am a lifelong creative with over 10 years professional experience in illustration, graphic design, cartooning and comic book production. Passionate about creativity and strive to produce the best work possible on every project. Pop me a mail. 🙂

Location: Cape Town

Nicolas Rix
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Cape Town based illustrator. I have a cartoon inspired comic book style. Editorial illustration, Book Covers, Poster Art and Character Design are my specialty.

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Keegan Thornhill
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I’m a Capetonian animator and illustrator specializing in a cartoony style.

Recent Goldfish Vids I was involved in (south african band):