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Weyers du Toit
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I am a professional fine artist proficient in the following mediums: oils, acrylics, charcoal and pencil.
I offer creative once off pieces that are filled with light and presence, with an off beat feel. If however you want something personalized, I will customize the product as per your specifications.
Also contact me for illustration.

Eric G. C. Weets
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Eric G. C. Weets is born on 3rd August 1951. He is a self taught, multidisciplinary, contemporary artist.

A brush to Weets is like a pen to a writer. As soon as he picks up the brush he is teleported to this other, his world, getting totally immersed in it. Weets’ dedication and patience is commendable and endearing. He is gracefully enduring the obstacles he is facing in each moment of his living day and almost dying nights.

Presently, Weets has retired from public life completely and is almost living in solitude. In the meantime it is I, who mediate on his behalf, with the outside world.

These paintings are about the purity of unbounded thoughts, most probably more subconscious than conscious, than a painting painted in a classical way. I feel these works have to be seen, enjoyed and thought about, if only to gain a different perspective on ordinary, daily living. And is not that, the purpose of art?