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Spilt Juice

Spilt Juice consists of three energetic and zesty young creatives who collectively believe that sleep is optional.

With backgrounds in branding & strategy, filmmaking, art direction, vfx and animation, each member adds their own flavour to the mix – we’re a blend of talent that, when mixed together, forms a flavour that satisfies your thirst for content.

Autumn Studios

Autumn Studios is a youth media brand based in Centurion, South Africa.


Yolande Botha

Award-winning copywriter turned film scriptwriter and director. Conceptualises, writes and directs branded content, commercials, music videos and short films (while working on that feature film script…). Founder of The Brave Cartel, a collective that collaborates with various production partners, ad agencies and brands to create pass-on-worthy content.

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The Local Collective

Philia and Tony Gum, an artistic duo that captures life in Cape Town, South Africa, by visually showcasing their views via Youtube and Blogging. Inspired and driven by their taste in music and surroundings, TLC dynamically showcases fashion, culture, places, local music, film, night life and much more.

“We want to expose Cape Town lifestyle, not only by our dynamic means but through our cultural backgrounds too. Our objective is to make being South African as desirable as it is to be any other mainstream nationality.”

Karolina Rupp Photography

Analogue, Conceptual & Fine Art Photography

Leora Haynes

Stills photographer establisehd mainly in film and television stills; events and music.
I also shoot weddings; travel and landscape.
Beauty and wonder is everywhere. You just have to know how to see…