Cape Town Signwriting
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Founded by artist David Brits, Cape Town Signwriting brings the timeless beauty of traditional signwriting into the modern era. Combining the age-old craft of hand painting letters and murals with cutting edge technology, Cape Town Signwriting does art and business the smart way.
Established in 2011 as a way to bring beauty into the world, Cape Town Signwriting collaborates with the country’s top brands to fulfill a shared creative vision. Executed with a high level of craftsmanship and a focus on providing brilliant service, their work adorns sidewalks and buildings across South Africa.
Traditional signwriting
Graphics & Murals
Lettering & Type Design

Passion Pusher
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We are a freelancing agency that provides Branding, Digital & Design solutions for companies and individuals through an in-house network of freelancers. We eliminate the risks of hiring a freelancer, by screening and handpicking the best freelancers the world has to offer and listing them on our website. We provide added convenience by facilitating all communications, administration and financial transactions between the client and the freelancer.

Simphiwe Nkosi
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My name is Simphiwe Nkosi, a Multimedia/Graphic designer based in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am a fiend for all things born from imagination. I live for the sole purpose of creating, as I incurably believe that man was created to continue the irreversible process of creating. My perception of a world devoid of art is like a journey through the desert with no water but the constraining urge to find an oasis. I strive to be different in my approach to designing in order to set myself apart from the rest. It\’s an on-going struggle that sharpens my individuality in a world that\’s convicted by status quo.

Thyon Design
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We specialize in:

Websites – kicking stunning visuals where we focus on the design and layout of your website, while you or your PR staff, focus on content. We implement websites using a CMS, which provides many benefits over traditional HTML systems, like you being able to take control of your content.

Graphics – The brand is the much larger part of the identity and includes elements like the name, tagline, colors, typography, voice, photography and even the music on hold. IDENTITY = Brand + Logo.

Print Layout – The transformation from the visual digital world to the analog tactile world. Knowing how to combine typography, color and illustration and photography, is as much a skill as an art form.

e-Marketing – Deliver time-zone corrected spam-safe e-mail campaigns to hundreds of thousands of customers, complete with open/click tracking reports. Direct your mailers to registration, campaign-specific landers, or to social media Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linked-In pages, where PR staff keep things alive with constant tweets, posts, links, videos and what-nots.


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