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Autumn Studios

Autumn Studios is a youth media brand based in Centurion, South Africa.


Lebogang Rasethaba

Brand film & music video director

Kyle Lewis

Kyle Lewis is a lover of horror films and is renowned for his big hair (well, in his home town of Cape Town, at least).

Kyle is known for directing work with striking visuals, ranging across various genres and styles. He has an affinity for music videos with a bold aesthetic, having worked with top local and international artists, culminating in his SAMA award for best video in 2014. He has done extensive work in commercials and viral content, as well as a debut feature film.

He is committed to creating cutting-edge content while maintaining a healthy head of hair.

Rob Smith

Rob Smith is a Cape Town-based director who likes music, magic and cinema, especially when combined. He loves dogs, hates heights and spent half his childhood dressed up as a pirate.

When it comes to filmmaking, Rob not only has a finger in every pie, but his entire arm, getting involved in every aspect of every production wholeheartedly, doing everything from inventing his own steadicam rigs to designing cardboard robot outfits for his music videos.

Lebogang Rasethaba

Brand film and music video director