Mural by Auret for Studio Bolland
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A South African Artist and Maker of Things (paintings, murals, photographs, films, writings, sounds and more), currently residing in Cape Town & The Garden Route (SA).

Murals, graffiti, illustration, paintings, live painting & signage

Cape Town Signwriting
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Founded by artist David Brits, Cape Town Signwriting brings the timeless beauty of traditional signwriting into the modern era. Combining the age-old craft of hand painting letters and murals with cutting edge technology, Cape Town Signwriting does art and business the smart way.
Established in 2011 as a way to bring beauty into the world, Cape Town Signwriting collaborates with the country’s top brands to fulfill a shared creative vision. Executed with a high level of craftsmanship and a focus on providing brilliant service, their work adorns sidewalks and buildings across South Africa.
Traditional signwriting
Graphics & Murals
Lettering & Type Design

Cheeky Observer
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Working under the moniker “Cheeky Observer”, Alicia McFadzean is a contemporary artist
based in Cape Town. Alicia works with acrylic, aerosols and ink to produce large scale murals, fine art and hand lettered pieces.
McFadzean approaches her art practice through the lens of wanting to unpack what lies beyond the surface of our seemingly three dimensional experience, ‘Magical’ in flavour, her creative output is a mix of realism and abstraction that always considers the audience.
Above all, Alicia wants her work to be easily accessed and interpreted. As such she loves to work in urban spaces and community environments.
Commercially, she offers artistic solutions to disruptive brands, start-ups, businesses and
individuals who are making a conscious effort to improve our world.
Fine Art
Lettering Workshops
Live Art

That Damn Vandal
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Durban born and raised, That Damn Vandal has a degree in visual communications and over 15 years of graffiti experience.
His style is a mix of vector illustration and graffiti. Usually has a street, urban influence.
Some of his previous clients include Nandos, MRP, Derivco, TBWA JHB/DBN, Unilever, Ignition Group, Redbull and many more.