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AAA Offers foundation programme to help students register for a

Low APS Score? Don’t Stress! Qualify to register for a AAA degree by completing the AAA Foundation Programme. For learners who are talented but achieved matric results that don’t reflect their true potential and capabilities, the AAA School of Advertising Foundation Programme is a preparatory course for admission into one of its 3-year BA degrees […]Read More

Open Day at AAA School of Advertising

The AAA School of Advertising will be hosting its final Open Day of the year at its campuses in Cape Town and Johannesburg.  The Cape Town Campus Open Day takes place on Saturday 1st October from 09h30, while Johannesburg will host prospective students on the 8th October from 09h30. Young and talented individuals wanting a […]Read More

aaa Johannesburg Campus extends registration to 15 Feb

Hope for students who did not secure a space at local universities It has been widely reported in the media that many matriculants who met the criteria to study degree programs at university level have been sorely disappointed when trying to register during January this year because of student numbers. However, there is still some […]Read More

The ACA and AAA School launch

Advertising is an integral part of communication, business and society. Great advertising makes us stop what we’re doing and take notice. Advertising catch phrases become inextricably tied into how we speak and taps into what we find desirable and aspire to. Yet there is a large portion of people who don’t know what advertising really […]Read More


“Nausea, disorientation, trouble breathing and an elevated heart rate are all the things I associate with issues as complex as establishing how best to protect ideas, or whether or not I have ideas that need protecting.  In an industry caught up in ideas and creative, at times protecting intellectual property can be the last thing […]Read More