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Tags : AIR Films

OUTsurance takes new direction for life insurance adverts

New TV ad campaign, ‘What you get out of Life’, utilises evocative and emotive storytelling to change grudge-purchase perceptions. OUTsurance has once again dared to do things differently, this time with its latest life insurance television commercial campaign. AIR Films’ stunning collection of TV ads captures the intimate development of relationships between family members over […]Read More

Commercial that really understands headaches.

Paracetamol-based headache painkiller tablet, Painblok, is the subject of a new television commercial that harnesses the power of symbolism to communicate its intrinsic qualities. Produced by Bryanston-based AIR Films for Y&R South Africa, the 20-second commercial sees an office worker determinedly sitting at his desk, struggling to concentrate because of an overwhelming headache, which is […]Read More


No set working hours, no routine and something different every day. This might leave one thinking that the life of a film director is one of glamour, excitement and thrills. The reality is that it can be one of the toughest jobs in the world – shooting in all kinds of weather conditions, day or […]Read More