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Boitumelo Machaba’s Bana Ba Metsi Bana Ba Moya Exhibition

Bana Ba Metsi Bana Ba Moya Many African children grow up in homes where our first encounters with the spiritual realm begin at home. Usually, the birth of our spiritual journeys come to life in conversations with our elders and through seeing them pray with all their hearts among other acts. I attended Boitumelo Machaba’s […]Read More

Today’s Archive: Lucas Sithole’s Sculpture

A look at the personal narrative in Lucas Sithole’s sculpture In seeking to provide an archive that reflects the works of Black South Africans, our eyes fell upon Lucas Sithole’s sculptures. Sithole  signed his artworks with  name that began with the letter T, although his elders named him Ncane, the Zulu word for small. He […]Read More

Plascon and Durban artist pay tribute to Afro-futurism in a

Paying Homage to Afro-Futurism Children of Africa, we have the responsibility to carry on our backs the philosophy and science of our people found in proverbs, folktale and rock art amongst others that the elders have passed down to us. Afro-Futurism is our tool of the continuation of our African stories. It is the evaluation […]Read More

The Stories of Womanhood in the Artworks exhibited at Art

A piece on the stories of womanhood penned in this exhibition It is because of women that every living person’s soles have felt the soil of the Earth’s ground. Therefore, the voices that narrate the stories of womanhood in artworks are important. We cannot ignore the importance of women. In other words, we cannot tell […]Read More

Giant Trees in Mondli Kunene’s Artworks

When giant trees fall, they rise in Mondli Kunene’s Art Our birth is the rebirth of the people who lived before we did. We see this in art, dance to it in song and recite it in poetry. Visual artist and educator Mondli Kunene (MONDLIART) does not want us to forget those who came before […]Read More

Lethabo Huma’s artistic journey

A look into Lethabo Huma’s visual art journey Art is personal because what lies at its core is everything embedded in the artist. Art is thoughts, trauma, emotions and memories that find rest on canvases. In addition, visual diary pages create room for conceptual ideas born from the artist’s reality. It is never just a […]Read More

Banele Mhlanga on the results of his lens

A Sowetan Photographer We are people who are moved by imagery. We see photographs and write down the stories told by the visuals. This is us writing down a story on the photographs Banele Mhlanga (@nizi.jpg) takes. However, this story that we are sharing with you is one narrated by Banele himself. We are just […]Read More

Dweba – S’miso Skosana’s Art

From a drawing to embroidery What begins as pencil on paper in a sketchbook ends as wool in a choir with needle framed and hung on walls in bedrooms and comfort spaces. We are multifaceted S’miso Skosana’s hands bring to life faces  in between the worlds of abstract, portraiture and figurative art. The subjects of […]Read More


Viewing art is so much more than just admiring an artwork. It is a moment between yourself and the artist; they give you something sentimental, a feeling, nostalgia, therapy and you take it home with you. When we view art, we view it because for that moment we can exist in another world and forget […]Read More

3 Visual Recollections

3 Visual Artworks we saw and fell in love with what they narrate Almost every part of history tells us that the stories of who we are have always been passed down to us orally. The past tells us that this was done through folklore, proverbs, songs and the recital of our clan names as […]Read More