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The Stories of Womanhood in the Artworks exhibited at Art

A piece on the stories of womanhood penned in this exhibition It is because of women that every living person’s soles have felt the soil of the Earth’s ground. Therefore, the voices that narrate the stories of womanhood in artworks are important. We cannot ignore the importance of women. In other words, we cannot tell […]Read More

Face-to-face with Blackness

  The expressions of Blackness in The Shape of Blackness Virtual Exhibition (February – March 2021) In the tiniest corner of the globe where the sun finds home for a day and in a grandmother’s kitchen Blackness lives. We come face-to-face with it daily; it is in everything, in us. In the dictionary, blackness is […]Read More

Sitting down with Muofhe Manavhela on a Wednesday Evening

‘When they step away from my paintings, the message follows them into their daily lives’. – Muofhe Manavhela If you were to accompany Muofhe Manavhela when she goes shopping for art supplies, within a minute of entering the store, she would run to the colours with you. Colour calls Manavhela by name and she heeds […]Read More