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Tags : art history

Giant Trees in Mondli Kunene’s Artworks

When giant trees fall, they rise in Mondli Kunene’s Art Our birth is the rebirth of the people who lived before we did. We see this in art, dance to it in song and recite it in poetry. Visual artist and educator Mondli Kunene (MONDLIART) does not want us to forget those who came before […]Read More

Today’s Archive: A look into Dumile Feni’s Artworks

The works of the Goya of the township Francisco Goya was one of the most influential and important Spanish painters whose art has left legacies for generations to come. Dumile Feni was the Goya of the Township. His work was not important, it is because his legacy lives on through the documentation of his expression. […]Read More

Stanley Nkosi, a great visual artist

The undiscovered parts of the picture of South African art history Having an incomplete picture of your history will encourage you to seek out what is missing to a great extent. The responsibility falls on your shoulders to search for what has been left out of the frame. South African Art history is an archive […]Read More

Meet Painter Anthony Morton

Anthony Morton’s paintings are the result of experimental, unpredictable and sometimes hard won negotiations with his work. Striving for a genuine, unpretentious practice devoid of preconceived outcomes, Morton surrenders to the painting process, allowing it to determine the destination of his work. His diverse range of layering and re-working of the canvas results in highly […]Read More