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Sanlam’s Latest TV Commercial Sums Up 2020

In an act of supreme cosmic irony, this year has brought with it none of the 20/20 vision and keen sense of foresight we had hoped it would. Instead, we all were caught off guard by a global pandemic and its ongoing, far-reaching consequences. Sanlam’s latest campaign bravely goes there…voicing the very personal yet pervasive […]Read More

New Sanlam campaign: X marks the spot

Sanlam’s latest through the line campaign celebrates Africa as a treasure-trove of unrivalled potential. An incubator for ingenuity. And a continent of endless possibilities. A place like no other. Sanlam has and always will call Africa home. For the last 100 years, the Group has been 100% committed to investing in Africa’s people and potential. And today, it […]Read More

Best of Reel awarded to Absolut ‘One Source Live –

iDidTht’s Monthly Craft Awards showcase the very best in craft by production companies in South Africa. The December’s Craft Awards were judged by the legendary Cameron Watson. If you Google ‘Cameron Watson’, you get everyone from a Scottish Australian football player, an actor from the series Dynasty to the Creative Director at King James. The first […]Read More

New Bell’s TV Ad is causing quite the buzz

The new Bell’s TV commercial features a father whose intrepid spirit demonstrates just what it takes to be a true Man of Character. For more from Bell’s Whisky join our Facebook community: Director: Greg Gray, Velocity Films Production House TV Producer: Helena Woodfine Group Chief Creative: Alistair King Executive Creative Directors, King James: Devin […]Read More