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Unique, outspoken and not easily forgotten sculptures by Janko de

Janko de Beer is a South African born artist based in Cape Town. His sculptures are unique, outspoken and not easily forgotten. Over the years, Janko has participated in many group exhibitions and had his first solo exhibition, a depiction of the juxtapositions in South African society, in 2010. Janko’s current work depicts mythical animals. […]Read More

Pop In At the WDC 2014 Pop-Up Space  

The recently launched World Design Capital Cape Town 2014 (WDC 2014) Pop-up Space is living up to its promise of providing Cape Town creatives with a unique place where they can eat, meet, mingle and learn. Stop in at the WDC Pop-Up Space on Thursday 4 September from 5:30 p.m. to take part in an […]Read More

Snapshot Of South Africa’s Best Brand Designers And Who They

Our country is home to some of the world’s finest designers, across a myriad of genres. Growing international interest in the highly popular Design Indaba and last year’s awarding of World Design Capital to the City of Cape Town speak to this idea. With Africa’s broader consumer economy opening up like never before, it’s little […]Read More

Is Portside Towers the Future of Cape Town’s Architecture ?

Cape Town has been crowned World Design Capital 2014, and there is a sense of anticipation in the air. What home-grown marvels will the Mother City show the world? This is also the year that the completed Portside building will be unveiled. At 139 metres, it’s going to be Cape Town’s tallest building. The only […]Read More

Pharrell Williams – Happy (Cape Town STYLE)

Awesome video from the People of Cape Town. Directed by: Shamiel Soni & Tannan Woods Produced by: Nicki Priem D.O.P: Roscoe Vercueil Editor: Stephen du Plessis Colorists: Roscoe Vercueil & Stephen du Plessis Nicholas Doble & the Panavision Cape Town Team. MoVi Unit: Sky-Lab Productions Inspired by Pharrell Williams Written and Produced by Pharrell […]Read More

Dauphin to sponsor 100% Design SA

With Cape Town now being able to officially call itself the World Design Capital for 2014, Dauphin HumanDesign® Group is proud to announce its participation as sponsor of 100% Design South Africa. Following in the footsteps of London, Tokyo and Singapore, 100% Design South Africa exhibition will represent the largest range of curated contemporary design […]Read More

WCFI insight furniture exhibition

The Western Cape furniture initiative and selections warehouse wembley square – Cape Town. Have put together an incredible showcase of local furniture design talent. Approximately 20 exhibiters showcasing unique  cape town furniture designs. Furniture design along with art and sculpture is an immediate gauge as to design and artistic ability within a culture and city.  Because the design and […]Read More

Designing the city of tomorrow

Can the discipline of design, generally seen as the playground for creative thinkers and artists, play a tangible role in changing the way a city operates? Programme director of the Cape Town World Design Capital (WDC) 2014 project, Richard Perez, plans to find out. Design can mean a lot of different things to different people; […]Read More

A chat with the vibrant Cape Town artist, Donna Solovei

Who is Donna Solovei what do you do and where are you based? I have been trying to think of an animal that best describes me, and most friends have suggested a squirrel. An inquisitive and adventurous explorer. Although, in an ideal world I would like to be a squirrel with wings that can swim […]Read More