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South African short film wins 21 awards

ELEGY FOR A REVOLUTIONARY ( a true narrative short film based on the African Resistance Movement in South Africa has won eleven best short awards. Other awards include three runner-up, best director, best acting ensemble, two film competitions, one honorable mention, eleven nominations and three wins for best supporting actor, best costume and best makeup. […]Read More

Controversial short film selected at the Hollywood Black Film Festival.

In South Africa in July 1964, during a wave of raids across the country, the apartheid security police picked up several members of the African Resistance Movement (ARM), an organization of liberals-become-radicals who had sabotaged pylons and other infrastructural targets in an effort to send a message to the apartheid Government, post-Sharpeville, that serious and […]Read More

Adapting a SA Story for an international audience- A chat

Paul van Zyl, the 60 year old, director of a short narrative film, Elegy for a Revolutionary, which deals with a popular piece of South African history, currently on the global short film circuit, describes the problems of making a unique South African story accessible to an international audience and the difficulties of adapting a […]Read More

South African Short Film Wins Best Shorts Competition in LA

Los Angeles, Ca, 18th July, 2012 – Paul Van Zyl and Market Street Productions (MSP) in Los Angeles, California, have won a prestigious Award of Merit from the competition. The award was given to this exciting South African drama, “Elegy for a Revolutionary”, which is the true story of when a small group of […]Read More