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Tags : Food

Awesome mom turns boring meals into pop culture characters

The Melbourne, Australia-based mother, Laleh Mohmedi, has found a creative way to get fussy young eaters to chow down on their veggies and enjoy it. Her art has become so popular that her page, ‘jacobs_food_diaries’ , has attained 58,000 followers and the recognition of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. See below and get some yummy inspiration. We just […]Read More

Furio Tedeschi- the man behind Food chats to us

Happy Friday creatives! Today we showcase some work from Food aka Furio Tedeschi. His animation is mind blowing and a fitting start to the new year! Please enjoy and don’t be afraid to comment! I officially welcome you to the new year! Who is Food and what do you guys do? Food is me Furio […]Read More