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Graphic Designer Leigh Dyson Shows Off Her Drawing Skills

Who is Leigh Dyson and what do you do? I am a “late bloomer artist” as I have practiced graphic design with applied marketing for the last 28 years, conceptualising and designing campaigns from packaging to corporate CI’s, retail promotion and advertising. I was indoctrinated into the philosophy, as a young creative child, that “artist’s […]Read More

7 ways to annoy your job interviewer: Graphic Design

So you’ve spotted your future job , time to get the CV and portfolio ready for action. Below are some things NOT to do to annoy your Job interviewer. 1.Send a low Res portfolio Often creatives will choose file size over resolution, this is as effective as starting a fire with gum . The portfolio […]Read More

Graphic design Student got skills – Amanda van der Walt

Amanda van der Walt shares her work with us. Enjoy . Happy Tuesday Who is Amanda van der Walt and what do you do? I am a graphic design student at the North West University in Potchefstroom. I enjoy print design and traditional as well as digital  illustration and would love to do some work one day […]Read More

Graphic Designer Landon Nothnagel shares his work with us

Today we have a colorful chat with Landon Nothnagel about his craft. Awesome stuff, enjoy! Who is Landon Nothnagel and what do you do? Though people often mistake me for being foreign due to my Asian-like features, I’m actually a South African citizen with some Japanese blood flowing through my veins (my father is Japanese […]Read More

Akona Golimpi up and coming Graphic Designer

Today we chat with young graphic design student, Akona Golimpi Who is Akona Golimpi and what do you do? Akona is a young village girl who has grown to love art/ design. I am 22 years young female. I’m from Eastern Cape in a small town called Mthatha.. I’m a self-driven person I have learned […]Read More

A not so glamorous day in the life of a

I have franticly searched all the corners of the net trying to find the maker of this infographic so I can credit them for this awesome work. Any way this is just some Friday humour for all the frustrated graphic designers out there.  Enjoy   P.s: if you know who made this please let us […]Read More