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Tags : illustrations.

Checkout These Dope Illustrations By Happiness Masiya

Happiness Masiya AKA Hap_Shanel on Instagram brings her vivid imagination and thoughts to life using character illustration. The Johannesburg-based creative believes as an illustrator, one should understand what sort of medium they’re comfortable with, whether it’s flat, 3D, rigid, or abstract. She is inspired by a range of avenues, particularly African aesthetics – such as […]Read More

Check Out Illustrator Keith Vlahakis

Illustrator and pop artist Keith Vlahakis’ signature lettering style is inspired by a mixture of classic serif looped typography and the fluid daintiness of late nineteenth century Art Nouveau Poster Design. His pop art projects deal with nostalgia and are influenced by the memories of being a kid in the 90’s, obsessed with rap music, […]Read More

African Renaissance artist Kadi Sabi talks us about His craft

Who is Kadi Sabi and what do you do? Kadi Sabi is an African Renaissance artist from a label called ICONiX SA ( The term African Renaissace was derived from Renaissance man: ” used for a very clever person who is good at many different things. The idea comes from a time of history called the Renaissance […]Read More

Soccer World Cup Stars In Battle – Illustrated by Man-Tsun

One of our favourite illustrators, Man-Tsun, from Hong Kong has sent us an awesome collection of Soccer World Cup inspired illustrations. These images are Man-Tsun’s favorite soccer stars portrayed as if they are on an ancient battlefield. To find out more about Man-Tsun CLICK HERE         Limited prints are now available at […]Read More

Punk Art defined-AJ van Niekerk

Who is AJ van Niekerk and what do you do? At the age of 24, I still do not have a title behind my name. I have different titles. Some people say Illustrator, others say artist, some say designer and some say photographer. I Studied Fine Art at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. My focus was […]Read More

Breathtaking Art Work By Audrey Anderson

The weather might be funny these last couple of days, but this showcase is pure fire! Audrey showcases her awesome talent and we just had to share. So enjoy guys! Who is Audrey Anderson and what do you do? I am always curious and on an investigation. I enjoy the company of cats and people. I spends […]Read More

Awe Inspiring Paintings By Artist Joff

Todays showcase is a treat for art lovers, specifically those of you who love paintings. Joffs work is simply beautiful. Enjoy! Who is Joff and what do you do? I am Joff and I keep busy. How would you define your style or art? Simple, raw, weathered and looks like its got a good story […]Read More

20 Years in The Game, Illustrator Mitch Frey Schools Us

Today we have a chat with illustrator Mitch Frey about his extensive career and passion as an illustrator. Happy Phuza Thursday. Enjoy! Who is Mitch Frey and what do you do? For the past 20 years, I’ve been creating illustrations in Portland, Oregon, USA. If artists were motor vehicles, I’d be a pick-up truck.  Pretty […]Read More