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Illustration, Photography and Siya Bobotyana

Who is Siya Bobotyana and what do you do? Siya Bobotyana is a young man  who was born in the Eastern Cape but has been a Johannesburg resident for a while now. Very passionate about the creative industry, hence I’m photographer, designer and illustrator. How would you define your style or art? Gritty and communicates […]Read More

David Tshabalala – a graphic designer slaying Goliath

Who is David Tshabalala and what do you do? I’m primarily a graphic designer and illustrator.I do a bit of photography as well. I was selected to be an Emerging Creative at Design Indaba but couldn’t go exhibit there due to time constraints and I also featured on ‘Play Energy Drink’s’ Creative Union TV Show on […]Read More

Art Fanatic Walt Viviers Shows Off His Amazing Talent

Who is Walt Viviers and what do you do? I have often wondered that myself: who am I? I guess I’m just a sort of normal guy, a nerd really. I love reading; fiction, non-fiction, comic books, shampoo instructions, you name it. I also have a thing for movies and old T.V. shows, especially animations […]Read More

Art Director Mokoena Kobeli Showcases His Work

Who is Mokoena Kobeli and what do you do? I’m a creative, based in Johannesburg. I’m an Art Director, Illustrator & Graphic Designer by profession. I studied Art Direction at AAA School of Advertising, and Multimedia Design at FADA, (UJ). How would you define your style or art? It depends on the project but, I […]Read More

Mind blowing Illustrations By Karl Liversidge

Who is Karl Liversidge and what do you do? Who is Karl Liversidge? …Honestly I am still trying to figure that out myself after 31 years. What do I do?…I am a passionate freelance Illustrator and Digital Painter, most of my work is focused and used in the Advertising Industry but I am also trying to […]Read More