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Plascon and Durban artist pay tribute to Afro-futurism in a

Paying Homage to Afro-Futurism Children of Africa, we have the responsibility to carry on our backs the philosophy and science of our people found in proverbs, folktale and rock art amongst others that the elders have passed down to us. Afro-Futurism is our tool of the continuation of our African stories. It is the evaluation […]Read More


Street art has previously been an act of rebellion but has since become a celebration of creatives and an artistic medium for social progress. Converse has launched a campaign in cities across the globe, including South Africa, painting sustainable murals and bringing new meaning to street art. Members of the global Converse All Stars community […]Read More

Artist Profile – Meet visual artist Skhumbuzo Vabaza AKA Skubalisto

Skubalisto believes graffiti is the most noble of artforms.  Skhumbuzo Vabaza better known as Skubalisto grew up an only child and he had to be creative about having fun hence his overactive imagination.  This led him to start drawing and he knew then there was no going back.  Skubalisto said: “In primary school, we would have drawing battles and draw animated […]Read More