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Heineken® igNITE, the first interactive beer bottle

Heineken® introduces its first ever interactive ‘smart’ beer bottle that lights up when drinking, when toasting and in sync with the beat of the music. Heineken® is taking the party scene by storm with ‘igNITE’, a brand new interactive smart bottle that is guaranteed to draw attention at Heineken® events across the world. When you […]Read More

Open Your World with Heineken’s Bottle to the World

Heineken® has taken its “Open Your City” campaign to the streets with the creation of an innovative Out Of Home offering in the form of a 4m high interactive bottle. The giant Heineken® Bottle to the World, which will be seen throughout Johannesburg over the next few weeks, will allow those who come into contact with it to […]Read More

Heineken® Challenges People to Venture Outside their Comfort Zone

Today Heineken® unveiled their new “Open Your City” campaign, launching in South Africa this summer. “While Heineken®drinkers know many of the hot spots in their cities, they may not always venture out of their comfort zones,” said Tjeerd Veldhuis (Marketing Manager, Heineken® South Africa). “We want the “Open Your City” campaign to inspire them to break from their […]Read More