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Stunning Photography By Sean Konig

Today we have a chat with freelance photographer Sean Konig and he shares some of his breathtaking photography with us. Who is Sean Konig and what do you do? Sean Konig is a coffee and music addict as well a freelance photographer in love with being alive and intrigued by everything. Photography to me is […]Read More

Sherilea Gaspar Showcases some of her brilliant Photography

Today we have a chat with Sherilea Gaspar  about her passion for photography. Who is Sherilea and  what do you do? My name is Sherilea Gaspar  I’m a jozi based photographer and blogger. I grew up in the wonderful town of Boksburg *insert your joke here* where I spent most of my time on my skateboard, its through skateboarding that my […]Read More

Hyper realistic graffiti artist – pastel heART

Who is Pastel, what do you do and where are you based? pastel heART is a 22 year old South African hyper realistic graffiti artist based in Durban, South Africa. You are a creative of many skills. What are they and which one defines you best? My talents in life are visual Arts, I work […]Read More

Social photography – sharing more memories in more ways

Gone are the days of loading film into cameras, of waiting until the roll is finished and then taking the canister to a shop to get developed. Today’s photography is all about instant gratification, seeing your images come to life in a matter of seconds. And then posting them on various social media sites, sharing […]Read More