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Kenyaa Mzee Steps Into “A New Era”

After years in the creative industry, visual artist  Kenyaa Mzee, is re-introducing herself with a new photoshoot titled “A New Era”. Cape Town-based visual artist, Kenyaa Mzee, is re-introducing and repositioning herself in the creative sphere as a Writer, Visual Artist, Designer and now full-time Film and Visual Critic with a rather grand photoshoot. Coming […]Read More

Meet Musician And Visual-Artist Felix Laband

Felix Laband from Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal is an electronic musician and visual artist. Well known globally for creating light, emotional and minimalist soundscapes, Felix has also crafted an instantly recognizable visual language in tandem with his music. Using the medium of collage to design original artworks for many of his albums, EP’s and singular releases […]Read More

Lerato Motaung Wins The Emergence Art Prize 2020

Johannesburg-based visual artist Lerato Motaung is the winner of this year’s Emergence Art Prize. For his primary means of expression, mixed media paintings, Motaung draws inspiration from his memories informed by his life experiences in three different environments: the metropolitan area of Johannesburg where he lives and works, the suburban ambiance of Katlehong township, and the […]Read More

Meet Visual Artist Tsoku Maela

Working predominantly, on the mediums of photography, film, and text – Tsoku Maela uses his visual mediums not only to document the present but also as a way to look into the future by revisualizing African narratives, culture, and aesthetics often as part of surreal and abstract visual worlds. At the age of 17, he […]Read More

Meet Visual Artist Nathan Vuuren

Nathan Vuuren is a visual artist whose mediums of focus at present are painting, drawing and printmaking. He currently lives and works in Johannesburg. Vuuren searches the internet and media for his source material. His painting process involves interpreting these images using carefully built up colour in a combination of glazes and layered paint. Through […]Read More

Meet Cinematographer & Visual Artist Thulani Nhlapo

Thulani Nhlapo was born in KwaThema and went on to study print making at Artist Proof Studio, and later moved to Johannesburg in 2016, mainly August House to further his career as an artist and grow his experience within the art scene. Nhlapo’s work aims to convey an emotional story through illustrating the fragility of his […]Read More

Meet Visual Artist Hugh Byrne

Hugh Byrne is a visual artist currently residing and working in Cape Town, South Africa. He completed an honours degree in Fine Arts from the University of Pretoria. Byrne combines bold colour, texture and geometric planes and illustrates the tensions between geometry and abstraction, structure and dynamism. The artist investigates hidden shapes and forms that […]Read More

Meet Visual Artist Yolanda Mazwana

Yolanda Mazwana from the Eastern Cape is a self-taught visual artist based in Johannesburg, currently specializing in painting. Her work is centred around mental illness, popular culture, phobias, relationships and storytelling and her style being described as an amalgamation of abstract expressionism, neo-expressionism and symbolism. She currently lives and works in Johannesburg. Mazwana’s recent solo […]Read More

Meet Visual Artist Black Koki

BLACK KOKI is a visual artist whose definitive mark is spontaneous as it is disruptive of visual convention. Crafted from experiences making drawings, painting and street art, his current artistic practice is post-graffiti, reflecting an interest in the relationship between space and data.   He investigates warped spaces and textures that seem to define an […]Read More