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South African Photographers selected as top picks for PhotoVogue Festival

With the upturn of the global South infiltrating creative hubs of the western world, African creatives have been shining in their respective fields at colossal heights. South African designers Thebe Magugu, Lukhanyo Mndingi, Rich Mnisi, Palesa Mokubung, MmusoMaxwell and Laduma Ngxokolo of Maxhosa have made global breakthrough in recent years. READ:Thebe Magugu and Adidas unveil […]Read More

Unbelievable Magazine Photoshop Fails

Today we will look at Photoshop gone down the drain, We will look at work that should have not been signed off but made it into the public space. Today we laugh real hard at Photoshop bloopers. Enjoy Third model on the right has a creepy long neck. Someone call the cops Kylie’s missing a […]Read More