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Award winning Man-Tsun speaks to SACN

 Award winning Man-Tsun speaks to SACN

Thank you for giving us a few moments of you time and welcome to the SA Creative Network.

What is the influence behind your art and how has it influenced your success?

Although I used to study fine art, I don’t see a fine art feel in my work. However, I do see a very strong Japanese Manga impression to it. The reason for this is that I am a crazy Manga lover. I read a lot of Manga and I even dreamed of being a Manga artist when I was in college. Unfortunately, my dream didn’t come true and I became an illustrator :<

Your artwork is very unique and intriguing, tell us more about what you do?

Technically, my works emphasise the details and stroke fluidity. I am willing to spend extra time just to fine-tune and polish the lines/strokes. I think it makes a huge difference if the linework can be done fluidly, and it brings the entire illustration to a different level.

For every piece I create, I try to apply some abstract and negative elements into the illustration during the creation process, so the works can really reflect the beautiful negative matter from my pure imagination.


You did a stunning exhibit using double plastic in Hong Kong. What was the idea behind the show and how did you create the art work?

As an illustrator, I love to experiment with new concepts to create new illustrations, so I created a new series of illustration on multi-layer transparency and held an exhibition in Hong Kong this September. The show was called Cynicism.

My inner madness could be found in every piece of illustration.

All these illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator. It was like drawing an X-ray film. For example, one of the illustrations is of a guitarist. I did it in the first layer and then I drew the inner skeleton as the second layer. Once it was done, I sent it to my printer using a technique called UV flatbed printing to print directly on the plastic. As a result, it looks like a fine print on art paper.


Young South African artists admire technical skill like yours. What is your advice to them if they also want to have their work exhibited?

I think having an exhibition is important to show off not only your skill, but also your concept and creativity. Technical skill can be improved by practice, but ideas and creativity are dependent on you. Therefore, my advice would be for before the execution – think of a unique concept that will stand out amount other exhibitions. It is a very risky and time-consuming process, but fun and exciting.


What have your highlights been?

My greatest accomplishment is seeing myself grow as an artist and illustrator, and gradually gaining more exposure over the years. I am proud of my work and my dedicated passion towards illustration. Although I feel lost sometimes, I have never thought of giving up on becoming an illustrator.


Where can we view more of your work?!/man_tsun










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