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Black Christ of Portobelo-Jose Braithwaite

 Black Christ of Portobelo-Jose Braithwaite

Today we chat to artist Jose Braithwaite. We welcome you to the SA Creative Network.


Please tell us, who is Jose Braithwaite?

Thanks, is a pleasure to share with you all. Jose Braithwaite  is a spiritual, biological being in a synthetic, digitised world. Enjoying every moment, always searching to expand my consciousness with reference to everything and the beauty of void.

Your photography is very emotive, is there a message behind your work ?

Certainly they is.  Photography (reflects emotions) consists of several elements in order to interpret and decode light. The momentary relationship between my persona and subject,  which are unified by the fastest particle than light – that will be thought.

Where do you draw your inspiration from and how would you define your style?

My inspiration derives from the hips, buttocks, breasts and the essence of women, their existence is pure divinity. I do not consider myself as having a particular style I express.



Please can you tell us about the “The Black Christ of Portobelo” and how the project came about?

The origins of the presence of “El Cristo negro de porobelo” or “The Black Christ of Portobelo” still remain unknown historically. However, locals tell the legend that supports the reasons for its presence:

On 21 October 1658, a ship was bound for Cartagena de Indias. Each time they tried to sail from Portobelo  a violent storm was unleashed, forcing them to return to port.

In the fifth attempt, the crew was about to sink, so they decided to lighten the load by throwing away a huge and heavy box from its hold. After that, the ship could sail without problem.
Then, some fishermen found a box floating in the sea during a cholera epidemic. They placed the ‘Christ’ from the box in the church. Almost immediately, the epidemic vanished and the patients recovered quickly.

The project “The Black Christ of Portobelo”  was meant to be a small story  of three shots that would focus on the pilgrims.

In the end, I decided to extend my days at Portobelo to continue capturing images, which I will return to finish the story.



What are you working on at the moment and what are your hopes for the future?

In coming months I will be presenting a personal project called ‘the common denominator H N’. My hopes for the future are for the amplification of photography in the infinity essence.

We have a large amount of young, talented photographers and photojournalists in South Africa, what is your advice to them with regard to the industry?

The industry is simply a field of elements. To be noticed in this field as an individual, just materialises your visions and expose them to the specific elements of the industry. I exhort the action of expressing yourself, there are no limits!

Where can readers view more of your work?
Follow me at my  twitter  @JoseBraithwaite









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