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Hyper realistic graffiti artist – pastel heART

 Hyper realistic graffiti artist – pastel heART

Who is Pastel, what do you do and where are you based?
pastel heART is a 22 year old South African hyper realistic graffiti artist based in Durban, South Africa.

You are a creative of many skills. What are they and which one defines you best?
My talents in life are visual Arts, I work In the mediums of graffiti, tattooing, digital illustrations, chalk art, fine Art, photography, stylIng, and pastel heART is now also a fashion label.

I’m defined best by all of the above, because I put equal amounts of effort to advance my skills

Where did you learn your skill or is it natural?
I studied fine Art and graphic design after School. I taught myself graffiti and tattoo Art which came naturally .


What are you currently working on and what’s in the future ?
I am currently working on many large scale murals, painting rural housing, tattooing colour realism portraits and hoping to continue this for the years to come.

What advice would you give to young South African creatives looking to do what you do.?
The best advice I can give is listen to your heart , just because you making money doesn’t mean you’re alive. Just do your ting ting and you will go far in life as an Artist.


Where can we find your work
pastel heART’S website :

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*Photos taken by Tyrone Bradley – featured on


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