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From Sound Engineering to Script writting!

 From Sound Engineering to Script writting!

The scriptwriter…

Carl Jung once said: ‘In all chaos, there’s cosmos, in all disorder, there’s a secret order.’ …A secret order indeed.

My writing career started with Sound Engineering at the College of Arts. A course I genuinely loved. Music, my passion! Little did I know that it wasn’t about the music, it was about composing itself. Telling a story, whether in words or music. Creating something attractive out of nothing, a fantasy from a mere reality. An empty room becomes a playground. Ambiance swinging from wall to wall, sliding on the floor, the windows and door has now become the jungle gym.
Back to my supposed music career. As soon as I completed my studies, I looked for a job in the music industry. Female Sound technicians weren’t exactly welcomed with open arms or even open minds for that matter.
Someone then suggested being a sound engineer for television. This led me to the beginning of my television career, as a sound technician for Summit TV Business channel. This company was my playground. I learnt how to operate the camera, to operate VTs, the works.

I worked at this channel for 2 years before realizing that there’s more to ‘upsounds’, news and muting channels. I then moved on to the Home Channel where I learnt about TV production and producing. My hunger for knowledge was gigantic. I soon got the fundamentals and experience I yearned for.

‘Still, there has to be more than this’, I thought.

‘How do I diversify? How do I tell a story? How do I make viewers tune in?’ This is when I moved to Red Pepper Studios where I produced content and wrote for Sistahood on ETV. This was a learning curve for me in all aspects; the writing, the research and the entertainment world as a whole. After a year and a half I moved to my current home, Urban Brew Studios.
An insert producer for a medical show, House Call and a producer for a sports show, Siyadlala, both on SABC 2, is where I started. After 2 years of symptoms, sports and cures, a new business reality show came up, Rize Mzansi. At the time, I didn’t know how much I would love reality. Although, I was asked to be involved as a coordinator, I started writing bits and pieces which then became inserts and episodes, working with other writers. By the time this show was over, I had gained a lot of confidence in my writing. There was no way but up from there. Then one reality show after another… My favourite being writing for One Day Leader and Dance Your Butt Off season 2.
It starts with an idea, a concept, and a treatment, a whole lot of meetings, disagreements, studios and post production. We never compromised on the quality of the product. And just when you think its perfect, I get to script it and communicate this beauty to the viewers in a language viewers understand.
I would say, when it comes to scripting, it’s simple; no matter how stupid you may think it sounds, write it down. Keep writing it down until it sounds good looks good and feels good!
It starts with… ‘Hi, my name is Sasa and you’re tuned in to S.A’s number one Creative Network!’
Sound to VT, camera, producing and then writing…
What I’m trying to say is: The television industry has its twists and turns. But as long as you know what you want, you’ll get where you’re going! ‘…in all disorder, there’s a secret order!’

Sasa Nqabeni
Urban Brew Studios

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