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Draftfcb Cape Town’s Small ‘Big Idea’ Takes Bronze in Cannes

 Draftfcb Cape Town’s Small ‘Big Idea’ Takes Bronze in Cannes

A small Big Idea from the MotherCity has won South Africa one of its first awards at an international advertising festival taking place in France this week.

A Draftfcb Cape Town campaign for client Vital Health was awarded a Bronze Lion in the ‘Best Temporary In-Store Displays in a Promotional Campaign’ category at the Cannes International Advertising Festival.

In the run-up to the 2013 flu season in South Africa, Draftfcb Cape Town was briefed to promote Vital Viral Boost, a supplement that helps the body strengthen its immune system.

The key challenge put to the agency was to break through the clutter of wobblers, danglers and shelf-talkers that typically litter pharmacy shelves to establish Vital Viral Boost as the first choice when it comes to cold/flu supplements.

Needing big impact the agency went small and teamed up with scientists from the University of Stellenbosch to create its campaign.

The idea? To inform consumers how cold and flu germs spread so that they could minimise this transference.

The big idea? To laser-cut the information onto slides covered with the germs that spread these infections, and to position these slides in the pharmacies where consumers could view them.

Executive Creative Director, Mike Barnwell, explained that, instead of opting for the conventional ‘bigger is better’ approach, the agency did a 180 and developed a campaign so small, it could only be viewed through a microscope.

“The installations were placed in select pharmacies nationwide and it wasn’t long before they started attracting attention. I guess it just proves that it’s not always the biggest idea that shouts the loudest.”

“We are thrilled with the impact it’s had at home and the fact that it’s also been recognised in Cannes is, well, huge.”

The world’s smallest Big Idea is brought to life. Watch below:

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