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Art Student Lyndsey Vu Talks To Us about what inspires her Illustrations

 Art Student Lyndsey Vu Talks To Us about what inspires her Illustrations

Happy Monday Creatives! Today we have a chat with art student Lyndsey Vu. Enjoy!

Who is Lyndsey Vu and what do you do?

I’m currently a senior at the Cleveland Institute of Art, majoring in illustration. Currently I just do illustrations and portraiture for fun and for work, but eventually I want to gear my work towards entertainment design and begin studying visual effects.

How would you define your style or art?

I don’t know exactly how to describe my style. I love the natural beauty in the human figure, so my work definitely involves a lot of portraiture and figures. At the moment, a lot of my personal work has a delicate and soft appearance (and according to my friends I’ve also been using a lot of pink, purple, and blue).


What inspires your work?

There’s a lot that inspires my work. Music, nature, cities, and people are just a few things that influence my work. My source of inspiration change depending on the mood I’m trying to capture or the style of work I’m trying to create. I think that you can find beauty in a lot of things because beauty is not a set idea. Everyone’s perception of what beauty varies, so it’s all a matter of looking at something from a new perspective.
What are you currently working on?

Since it’s my senior year in college, I’m currently working on my thesis project for the next year. For my project, I’m going to create an “Art of” book for a fantasy-adventure RPG I have written. I will be creating the concept work and designs as well as a few mockup screenshots of the game as if it actually was put into production. It’ll definitely be a challenge for me, considering the majority of my past work is delicate and soft portraiture, so this project will hopefully add variety to my portfolio.


What advice would you give young creatives looking to do what you do?

My biggest advice is to work hard and to put all your effort into whatever you do. Having an excellent work ethic is an extremely important aspect in any field. An artist I admire gave really good advice once about finding the motivation to work on a project. She said it’s not just about finding the motivation and inspiration but creating good work habits. When you have good work habits, it doesn’t matter how motivated or inspired you are because you’ll be able to work and finish a project without having to wait around for that spark to get you going. You never want to turn in a piece of work you’re not proud of, because your work represents who you are as an artist.

Another piece of advice I’d give is to never give up on what you’re passionate about. Growing up, I had a lot of people tell me to give up on art and to find another career path. If I listened to all those individuals, I’d probably regret never trying to pursue art. I can’t say for certain if it was the right career path to pick financially, but I’ll never regret pursuing what continues to makes me happy.

Where can our readers follow your work?

Readers can follow me at the following websites:















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