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Delene Bailey Host of The Daily Wrap Up on Kofifi fm Chats to us

 Delene Bailey Host of The Daily Wrap Up on Kofifi fm Chats to us

Today we have a vibrant chit chat with radio host Dalene Bailey. Enjoy Guys!

For those don’t know Delene Bailey please tell us who are you, what do you do and why?

My name is Delene Bailey, but you can call me Fearless. Host of the Daily Wrap Up on 97.2

Life strategist; Change Agent; Founder of 3min=Life; Activist;, Emcee, Speaker, TV Presenter; Student @Regenesys Business School; Entrepreneur; Youth  Activist

Tell us what your involvement withKoffiFM is ?

I host the Daily Wrap up Current Affairs Show from Mondays – Friday; 7pm-8pm. Alongside me I have a Co-host, James Seetlo, and the Producer behind the scenes, the Boss Man, SiphoMasigo. We are currently running an Election Activation Show, Mondays & Tuesday, in the run up to the 2014 election. We are a variety show that covers topics of Empowerment, Lifestyle & Entertainment.

You are very community driven individual, how do you think creativity can help better the community?

I am passionate about helping youth achieve and become in their lives. I believe that we have the capacity to change the trajectory of our lives every single day. I seek out opportunities that will allow me to push the agenda of making a visible difference in the world. Nothing underpins my passion more than the adage “talk is cheap” and I do not promote talk shops. I believe that we have to give young people options that will change the way they view their lives. Our biggest goal as youth leaders is to push through the barriers of self-doubt that many young people, especially in disadvantaged communities, are faced with.

I believe that creativity gives life to new ideas, allows individuals to display their innate passion. Creative platforms have for many years been closed off to our youth and believe that now is the time to open the floodgates. As Africans we are innately filled a creativity that cannot be locked up. To put it simply, Creativity unlocks Passion, Passion drives Change, and well Change gives birth to new life. What defines creativity, my answer is emphatically, YOU!

Combining Social Change with Creative Passion, will lead to some explosive results.

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How do you bring your ideas to life?

Honestly, I wing it!

But, on a serious note, I write them down, and then work out a plan to achieve it, then just do it. I constantly seek out opportunities that make an indelible difference in the lives of the youth. My heart is the youth. But my head is an idea machine; I once called it the bubble.

List three experts who have helped you as a creative who you think other creatives should follow. And why?

Azania Mosaka, she is the true definition of a strong radio host, who works hard, and you can hear her passion through the airwaves. Why? Her confidence * Passion

Eusebius McKaiser, he has a strong point of view and drives his show like a well oil machine. Why? Great Perspective

(Please note, I haven’t met any of them yet, but radio & media allows me access to

SiphoMasigo; Under Cover Creative; Producer of the Daily Wrap Up. Why? You are only as good as the team of people you work with.

What advise would you give young creatives looking to do what you do?

Have Fun!

Engage yourself, everyday in the work you want to do. Push the bar constantly. Your only as good as your last performance, in media, this is so true. Remember, that if you move your feet, you lose your seat, so stay humble! Work Hard .Most importantly, Be Fearless!

What’s in the future of (The Daily Wrap Up)?

Many, many things. The Skies the Limit .Opportunities are endless. Our Goal is to constantly raise the bar, and that’s what we do every show. Push the limitations!

***Crossing Fingers*** Radio Awards

What’s the story behind the nickname Fearless?

HAHAHAHA, I love it when people ask me this.

I am a Vocal Activist who doesn’t settle for mediocrity, and my youth group named the Fearless Leader. In their minds, my ideas were too big and well we pushed for the impossible. It became Fearless when I realized that, this is how I want to Live, and is my personal mission statement. I am the difference, I don’t fit in and well Fearless sets the tone for me.


Prince or Michael Jackson?

AAAHHHHH!!!***screaming*** I love them both.

So let’s be Fearless and go with both. Choosing between two Musical Greats I love; that great moonwalk, Prince awesome purple suit, I mean really…can’t handle the pressure…lol

I don’t have a favourite Michael Jackson song, oh he’s music is timeless. My favourite Prince song is,“The most beautiful Girl in the World”, which is the song I dedicated to my babygirl the day she was born!

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