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The rise of the #Sartists


The Sartists consists of two  bloggers who are also writers and  designers in their own right. They document their style using historical references with the goal to try shape the way we believe fashion should  be. We had a quick chat with them to see whats the 411.

Where did you get the word Sartists ?

We thought of the word Sartist when we questioned our style identity of who we are, what we’re doing and where we want to go…the final decision was we want to become “sartorial artists”, from there we shortened that by combining the two words to make Sartist but later on we found out that the word Sartists’ root in latin is “patching up” and I guess that as well as fitting as that is what we do to an extent.


One of you studied fashion design and the other journalism. It’s a strange partnership, how has it worked for you ?

It works quite well because everything becomes easier as we both do the designing and the writing, we learn from each other and try make something of the knowledge we have by writing stories that are beyond just the clothes we wear, some people can relate to and some people can respond to, from their beauty I guess.

You guys are getting some goodrecognition, you were featured on Dion Changs Flux trends and the latest Coca-Cola Tv advert. What have beenyour high lights so far?

We appreciate every single thing people have done for us by helping try get reach a point we want to reach, so every thing we’ve done so far is equally as important as to us its the process that we have to go through to reach the next level. Its that one step that allows you to make 10 more other steps. But highlights I can pin point is having good relationships with our mentors and friends Nicola Cooper Anthea Knows Best and Anthony Bila as well as spending a week with Art Comes First, Street Etiquette and Ouigi Theodore from the Brooklyn Circus.

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Who inspires you ?

We’re inspired by a lot of people and a lot of things. Nature is a good inspiration, people’s determination to contribute to humanity is another inspiration and our back-rounds, the history that has happened from colonialism to post-apartheid is probably the most inspiring in terms of strength people had to overcome terrible circumstances. But looking at us and is as The Sartists people that inspire us in terms of designing it would have to be designer Thom Browne and Art Comes First.

What’s one trend that really excites you guys?

We’re inspired by the people that breathe their lives out into existence by being themselves that other people then adopt that and make that trendy and not by the trend itself, so I don’t think there’s one trend we can say inspires us.

What are you guys currently working on ?

Unfortunately I can’t mention a lot in terms of things we’re working on but I can mention there’s a story we did with Anthony Bila that will be out soon that people might want to see.

What can we expect from you two in the future, where do you plan on taking the brands ?

I don’t know in terms of expectations but what you can expect is a continuation of the expression of ourselves through style and possibly that will contribute to growing ourselves and possibly other people and their brands through collaborations.

What advise would you give youngsters looking to do what you do?

Be yourself.

Where can we see more of your work? 

You can see more of our work from and

our twitter handles are @wanda_pronto and @kabelokungwane

Jean Claude van Damme or Steven Seagal ?

Jean-Claude van Damme. Reason being, no man wears high-waisted paints like that guy.










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