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7 ways to annoy your job interviewer: Graphic Design

 7 ways to annoy your job interviewer: Graphic Design

So you’ve spotted your future job , time to get the CV and portfolio ready for action. Below are some things NOT to do to annoy your Job interviewer.

1.Send a low Res portfolio
Often creatives will choose file size over resolution, this is as effective as starting a fire with gum . The portfolio is there to show off your skills, it is also a representation of  how much you care about your craft. Those who care will make sure that the images are crisp.

2.Too many images in your portfolio
If you are resizing your PDF portfolio to a point that your images are pixilating then you have too may images. Rule of thumb: put 12 to 16 images max in you profile, no more. No one wants to see the evolution of your design skill.

If you want to have more than 16 images, create an online portfolio.

3.Send a ridiculously long CV
Employers will get hundreds of CV’s when a job post opens. Nothing is more frustrating than a CV that doesn’t get to the point. True story: I received a CV where a young man thought it was necessary to tell me his high school story and how it made him a better man (shoot me now). Write your CV for scanning. Your future employer must be able to get to the most important information quick fast.

The creative industry is about deadlines. Arriving late for your interview sends the wrong message.

5.Dress the part
This has been a tricky topic for many designers. Graphic designers cant exactly go in a tuxedo and they can’t go in beach shorts either. My suggestion is asking yourself one question: “How serious do I want to be taken ?” Use the answer to guide you.

You’ll be surprised by the number of designers I’ve interviewed wearing shorts. None of them got hired by me.

7. Know the business, its clients and its latest achievements.
Every time I ask an interviewee what they know about the business, they generally stutter and make crap up. This is what I call the ‘roll my eyes phase’ of the interview. It happens so often that its become the norm.  The few who have given me good answers usually impress me from that moment and my interest is fully captured.

So go forth and conquer and don’t let silly mistakes take your dream job away.

What other bad habits can you think of ?

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