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Brand inc Creative Group wins Nashua Limited account

 Brand inc Creative Group wins Nashua Limited account

Brand inc Creative Group, an integrated brand services agency, has recently been appointed as Nashua Limited’s full services agency, with Brand inc handling the traditional through-the-line advertising, Brand inc Sport handling the sponsorship and Brand inc Communications handling all the PR and communication requirements going forward.

This significant win for Brand inc follows from a long history of working with the Nashua marketing team that spans over a decade. Initially Brand inc was called in to assist Nashua Limited with the design of some of the company’s corporate collateral and product brochures. Over the years the relationship between Brand inc and Nashua strengthened until 2013 when Brand inc was formally invited to pitch for the entire Nashua advertising, marketing and communications account.

“I always knew we could do more for the Nashua brand,” said Brand inc MD Chris Heaton, “though we’d made a name for ourselves assisting Nashua with their below-the-line marketing, I was always knocking on the above-the-line door, keeping communication open between us and the Nashua marketing team and waiting for the right opportunity to show them what we are capable of.”

That opportunity came about at the end of 2012 when Heaton arranged a meeting to touch base with the Nashua brand communications manager at the time and find out how the company’s advertising, marketing and communications were doing. As fate would have it, Nashua’s Marketing Director dropped in on the meeting and Heaton expressed his interest in paying some attention to Nashua’s sports sponsorship properties.

This lead to Brand inc Sport being briefed on the conceptualisation and execution of a PR and marketing campaign around the Nashua Titans cricket team. Thus, the 13th Man campaign was launched whereby die-hard Titans fans were given the opportunity to win a behind-the-scenes experience with the Nashua Titans.

Following the successful execution of this campaign, Brand inc Sport was invited to handle the PR, branding and sponsorship leverage around the Nashua Grape Escape mountain bike race.

“On both projects, Brand inc pulled no punches when it came to conceptualising stand-out creative ideas and executing them to the best of our ability with hugely positive results. My team and I threw a lot of energy and fresh ideas into both projects and looked to constantly push the boundaries of what had been done before,” said Heaton.

Shortly thereafter, Brand inc was formally invited to pitch for the entire Nashua account and, following a successful pitch, was subsequently appointed as Nashua Limited’s lead agency.

“Winning the Nashua pitch was a huge boost for Brand inc Creative Group and is a testimony to how big, bold, creative ideas win big pitches. Of course, it also helped that, from campaign conceptualisation to strategy to execution, Brand inc had a proven track record when it came to delivering the results for Nashua which ultimately benefitted Nashua’s business,” said Heaton.

With a number of other noteable brands employing Brand inc’s services whether it’s through Brand inc, Brand inc Sport or Brand inc Communications (the PR division of the business), 2014 looks set to be a big year for the agency.

“Looking back, 2012 and 2013 were years of consolidation, sharpening our skills and fine-tuning our processes. We now feel like we are in a powerful position as an agency to service big name clients and to help them grow their businesses through our brand, advertising, marketing and communication efforts,” concluded Heaton.

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