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So Proud Of Your New Toyota Corolla You’ll ‘Overshare’

 So Proud Of Your New Toyota Corolla You’ll ‘Overshare’

The 40-second television commercial launching the new Toyota Corolla highlights that new owners will be so proud of their purchase they’ll commit a rather modern day social faux pas.

That’s right, within seconds of receiving the keys to their new Toyota Corolla, they’ll be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so on, posting photograph after photograph after photograph of the stylish sedan.

You can watch the ad here:

Explained Draftfcb’s CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Brett Morris: “It’s human nature that, the prouder we are of something we buy, the more we want to show it to our friends. And in today’s world of social media saturation, this amounts to ‘sharing’ or – in the case of the lucky Toyota Corolla owner – ‘oversharing’.

“Our hero is so proud he posts at every opportunity and so we hear and see his friend receiving notifications ad nauseum; at work, when he’s on a date, watching TV, exercising, and so on. Eventually, the friend chides him about his social media ‘crime’, but we can see the displeasure is half-hearted; after all, the friend is as impressed with the car.

The TVC was conceived by creative director Tian van den Heever, copywriter Melusi Mhlungu and art director Kevin Yong. It was shot over three days in Johannesburg and directed by THEY’s Alan Irvin, post-production was the responsibility of Left, Blade and Freq’ncy.

According to Morris, the TVC runs for a month on national television. It also forms part of a campaign that includes print, outdoor and digital.

“To reinforce our tagline, ‘a car to be proud of’, we selected stylish locations for the TV advertisement and spectacular settings for our print and outdoor stills,” he added.

“To enhance appeal for the younger, more progressive audience, the digital elements invited viewers into our hero’s house, where he continues to show off his pride of his new Corolla. This was shot in an ‘MTV Cribs’ style video, and promoted interaction and engagement with the content using highly-desirable branded fashion items as prizes.

“This is one of Toyota SA’s key launches this year, and we’re confident the campaign does justice to the design and bold styling that the new model boasts.”

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