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Visual Development Artist And Illustrator Lorraine Alvarez Posen

 Visual Development Artist And Illustrator Lorraine Alvarez Posen

Who is Lorraine Alvarez and what do you do?

I am a Visual Development Artist / Illustrator. I mostly work on animations and film. I also lecture occasionally.

How would you define your style or art?

I have to do alot of adapting depending on the project I am on. The key is to be quite flexible with style when you’re on the job. When it comes to personal projects, however, my style has really evolved over the years. I work both digitally and traditionally and these days I illustrate more for animation.

Lorraine_Alvarez_Posen_Birds_on_a_branchWhat inspires your work?

I get so easily inspired by anything 🙂 . Currently old school Illustrators like Al Hershfield, Alice and Martin Provensen, Mary Blair to name a few. The Master Artists for their use of color, photography. I also have lived in a few different parts of the world so travel always inspires me.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working hard on my first exhibition and also an online shop where I will sell prints of my work. For more on the exhibition or when my shop gets launched keep an eye on my blog or Facebook page! Otherwise I am freelancing til I hop onto the next production.
On the side I am also contributing to initiatives like ‘1000 Drawings Cape Town’ where I can. I’m really interested in giving back to the community with my art so if anyone has suggestions please feel free to contact me.

What advice would you give young creatives looking to do what you do?

Draw, draw draw. There really is no short cut to becoming skilled at your craft. There is a saying that every artist has a thousand bad drawings in them. The only way to get at the good ones is to draw out the bad. 🙂

Lifedrawing, traditional art training, anatomy, learning perspective, color and light are all really important as it gives you a strong foundation as an artist and remember you don’t stop learning these once you start working. These studies can follow you throughout your career.

Its hard to design when you are not inspired so surround your self with inspiration. Interact with other artists, browse books/websites, take a sketchbook and observe the world around you, it’s amazing how many wonderful characters, environments, lighting situations there are.

Lorraine_alvarez_Posen_Young_NorwegiansWhere can our readers follow your work?

I currently have a blog:

I do more casual posting though on my facebook page:

MC Hammer or Vanilla Ice(who do you prefer if you had to choose?)

MC Hammer hands down.












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