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David Tshabalala – a graphic designer slaying Goliath

 David Tshabalala – a graphic designer slaying Goliath

Who is David Tshabalala and what do you do?

I’m primarily a graphic designer and illustrator.I do a bit of photography as well. I was selected to be an Emerging Creative at Design Indaba but couldn’t go exhibit there due to time constraints and I also featured on ‘Play Energy Drink’s’ Creative Union TV Show on Vuzu tv..

How would you define your style or art?

My style is forever-evolving and not influenced by current design trends. It’s very informative and leans heavily on today’s societal issues, serving as a visual narrative on current news. It’s very quirky at times and often humorous

What inspires your work?

My work is inspired by people I come across daily, my peers and their diversity. I gain valuable insight from relationships I form with them and use this as my source of inspiration. Other artists inspire me the most.

What are you currently working on?

I’m starting a design shop/agency, which has no name for now. It forms part of the design arm of the couture content and marketing agency I currently work for. I’m also working on a collaborative t-shirt line with Thesis Lifestyle in Soweto, called Slaying Goliath, it’s basically me selling my best work on clothes and accessories. An exhibition in Cape Town is in the pipeline as well.

What advice would you give young creatives looking to do what you do?

Invest time in your craft daily and identify a mentor you can always have access to and follow, stalk them. Immerse yourself in the industry and surround yourself with creatives better than you. Go to school if you have to.

Where can our readers follow your work?




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