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A South African crowd-funded Documentary

 A South African crowd-funded Documentary

Believe in the richness of South African stories? Back Taking Stock, a creative, genre-busting, collaborative film project, here

In June 2014 the Johannesburg-born film maker, Ben Stillerman, will bring a professional film crew to Benoni and craft an experimental documentary on the conflicted relationship of family, business, community and country to these shores.

The crew, trained at the illustrious USC School of Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles, will shoot for one month, honing in on the life and times of Ben’s intriguing father, the self-proclaimed philosopher-shopkeeper, Clive Stillerman and his family business, Benoni Discount stores.

The audience of Taking Stock has many inventive documentary moments to look forward to, including musical renditions, literary performances, and the participatory presence of the broader South African community in the fashioning of the film

Reflecting on the goals of the film, Ben remarked, “Over the course of the month, I hope to learn what makes him [Clive] tick, and be with him as he takes stock of his business and his life, examining his interactions with those around him at work and at home”.

To learn more about the background and beginnings of the film, visit Taking Stock’s official website:

To find out more about the dynamic crew, see some illuminating photographs, and track the film’s conceptual and practical pre-production progress, like Taking Stock’s facebook page:

The promise of Taking Stock is that South Africa is bristling with filmic potential. Be sure to catch this documentary about the universally interesting interactions of family, business, community and country on its release in early 2015.

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