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Insightful chat with Executive Creative Director Claus-Steffen Braun

 Insightful chat with Executive Creative Director Claus-Steffen Braun

Who is Claus-Steffen Braun and what do you do.

I am good at being a Creative Director. Originally from Germany, I achieved some successful years of advertising experience and a fair amount of international awards.

I worked for most major Network Agencies and Brands in different markets. I have a playful mind, do not only focus on advertising but storytelling no matter what media channels. I love to establish an inspiring and professional atmosphere, connecting all communication expertise with the most respect for creativity. I am happy to say, Im fully settled in Cape Town.

Well done on your new job. Please tell us what it takes to be an Executive Creative Director?

It starts with an AD loving mind and exceptional skills. An enduring strive to become the best bar none. It takes confidant and experienced judgment of creative ideas, strategic thinking and effective leadership abilities. It is a lot about the individual, but only working together with other great people in exposed and successful set up’s as well as the experience of different advertising environment will make the difference.

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For those who don’t know, what is an Executive Creative Director?

The ECD is responsible for all creative agency outcome. He should be the ultimate idea navigator but also an excellent Brand Building idea generator. Someone who is himself and encourages others to be an eternal student of life. Someone who finds and translates business insights into a vision and a strategic plan with specific goals and priorities. Someone who inspires, nurtures and empowers employees creating a supportive and rewarding environment to realise their full potential. Someone who constantly embraces change and proactively confronts difficult situations. Someone who generates and pursues innovative, untried ideas that stand out in the advertising community.

Tell us about Prima Arc?

Prima Arc has its roots in Customer Relationship Management, Loyalty Programs and Direct Marketing. 20 years of expertise naturally made them an integrated communication specialist including digital, traditional Below the Line and data based marketing for exceptional full service communication solutions. Now, they are a strong member of the Publicis Africa Group.

What brands are you currently working on?

For me the Prima Arc journey has just started, so I am still on my way into our full client portfolio. But even though, Adidas, Mini, BMW, Virgin Active, Monster, Telesure, Budget, Auto General, First for woman, My Smart Kid, Protea Hotels etc. already feels like a tasty mix and a strong demand for some good blood sweat and tears.


What personal creative projects are you currently working on?

My new job is my new personal creative project, but unfortunately I can’t talk about the exciting proactive work we are on. I am trying hard to move us and others into collective new work and agreement and I am ready to demonstrate a bias for action, results and extraordinary dedication to our people and clients. Together we will attract, develop and retain winners.

What advice would you give young creative looking to be ECD’s?

They should not think about becoming a ECD. They should be excited about all sorts of communication, no matter what channel or media. Eventually they will figure out what can be their role in the industry by talent and by opportunities without just seeking for titles. There is a red carpet out there leading great ideas towards recognition. Define yourself by idea work and it will lead you into collaboration and more teamwork with growing responsibility.

Where can we see more of your work?














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