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CG Generalist and Animator-Nigel Schutte

 CG Generalist and Animator-Nigel Schutte

What have you been up to since we last featured you?

Work, work, and more work 🙂 We’ve had the good fortune of being really busy these last 12 months. Keeping on our toes with a multitude of large projects for the US toy market.

Tell us about your new projects?

Three exciting projects I can share with you are Monster 500, Monopoly Junior, and Transformers: Battle Masters. All three were massive undertakings by the entire global team at Clockwork VFX.

Monster 500 is a mobile game, as well as a range of toys that we were tasked with bringing to life in a 60 second commercial/game trailer. My role on the project was environmental look development, RND, as well as final layout and lighting on various shots. It was loads of fun taking a departure from the happy, colourful sort of look most toy commercials have, and playing with some mood lighting.

In our Monopoly Junior project, we take a guided tour around the game board, brought to life in all its dice-rolling, token-chasing, property-purchasing glory. A large project, for a large client, so the pressure was on. My role was limited to asset modeling as well as texturing, layout and lighting on various shots.

Our latest project to hit the air waves, Transformers: Battle Masters, was great fun to work on. I mean, it’s Transformers … how can that ever be boring? Detail rich environments were created for Optimus Prime and Megatron to, umm, “play” in. From a junkyard benchpress and container yard punching bag, to a rapturous arena, complete with screaming fans. All of this came together to produce a 90 second metal crunching action romp you’ve come to expect from the Transformers franchise. On this project, I was involved with environment creation, lighting, layout and texturing. Namely, the arena, junkyard, and a shot that was dropped from the final commercial, a warehouse scene where Optimus skips rope with a massive chain, as one does when you’re 12 feet tall with the upper body strength of Jupiter and its moons.


What was the inspiration behind your new work?

Well, since these projects were all client based, I’d have to say the budget 😛 Jokes aside, I think a lot of the time we inspire ourselves to do better than our last job, wherever possible. I know I do. I’m my own worst critic, so I always look back on past jobs, and try improve on what was achieved. The opportunity to do better, keeps me growing as a VFX artist.


Whats are your creative plans for 2014?

I’d really like to get a personal project done during the next few months. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but it is a personal goal of mine. I started out as a modeler, many many moons, pants sizes and a whole head of hair ago. It was my passion. However, in production, my skills in lighting, layout and shot completion takes priority, and I find that I am modeling less and less. So I’m itching to do another character maquette, like my Jessica Rabbit and Popeye projects I shared with you last time round. I like to take things a step further every time I do one, so I’m keen to see where I can improve, and break new ground.


Where can our readers follow your work?

Your readers are welcome to view our portfolio at
To follow me personally (stalkers! :P) they are welcome to follow me at

























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