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Visual Communications Graduate Skye T Steen Back With A Bang!

 Visual Communications Graduate Skye T Steen Back With A Bang!

What have you been up to since we last featured you?

Since my last feature I graduated top of my class from the Durban University of Technology with a Diploma in Visual Communications (Graphic Design) and got straight to work, having been lucky enough to do a month internship with Disturbance. Though it was very short, I feel I gained a lot out of it sharing a studio with such incredible minds and talent. Those guys have seriously insane skill.

During my internship, I was contacted from The Firetree Design Studio who I am currently working for now as a Junior Graphic Designer and Illustrator. What a crazy bunch of people – I love them all, and they make my career so much more enjoyable.

Of course in between everything, I get my pens and pencils out, plug in my tablet and do extra bits and pieces. I take part in as many competitions, local events and exhibitions as I can and am always excited to keep growing as a creative.

Grolsch Swingtop - Go Home Birds, You're Drunk

Tell us about your new projects?

Well, I won’t deny that my mind jumps around all over the place, so there is no real order to things. A lot of the time, my mind wanders and I just end up illustrating random subjects but they’ll always end up having a story behind them. I feel I have become quite political with my work, despite their bold, colourful, often playful appearances.

I’ve recently worked with Durban’s “What If this City” and 1000 Drawings events, doing both live and digital work, which I really enjoyed. These may have contributed to my political and social mind.

At the moment I am preparing for an exhibition (to be announced), so you can expect my work to run along these same lines.

I’ve recently started practicing creative typography with my illustration, and it is much harder than I expected. Truly is a highly respectable skill. I haven’t displayed much at all as “practice makes perfect” and I have just started, but I am fairly pleased with the progression I made with my recent journal cover design.

 What was the inspiration behind your new work?

As I mentioned, my work is most often inspired my political and social issues. I am all about voicing my opinion visually when I get the chance, and they may come across as quite random. For instance, my illustration, “…And The Three Bears” started up on the thought of why a family of strong bears let themselves be taken advantage of my an intruding little girl. What went through my mind at the time is our “so called” justice system, where people can trespass and steal and walk straight out of jail (if they even get that far). I portrayed the story how it should have ended – justice.

Visually, I feel a great inspiration is tattoo art when it comes to my line work of varying weights and striking colour.

What are your creative plans for 2014?

For now, I’m focusing on building up my portfolio and developing and improving my skills in illustration, typography and (slowly but surely) 3D to include within my designs. There are so many amazing creatives to work with and learn from so I’m really just looking forward to that. At the moment, Durban has a lot of ticking minds and creative motivation, so I can guarantee people with see some great things happen this year.

Where can our readers follow your work?

You can find me on my Behance, Tumblr (recent) or even get a mix of my work, process and general life on my Instagram account:

1000 Drawings - Too Late


And The Three Bears


Journal Cover





PT's Coffee Roasting Co Cup Illustration

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