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Ireland/Davenport backs Bakone through its Enterprise Development programme

 Ireland/Davenport backs Bakone through its Enterprise Development programme

Johannesburg November 2014 – Ireland/Davenport, through its Enterprise Development (ED) programme, is providing an opportunity for the development of a new creative agency that is the brainchild of Joel Lebethe.

Bakone is a creative agency that specialises in mass market communication through the use of storytelling via the consumer, instead of simply to the consumer. Bakone aims to turn on its head the ‘traditional black’ agencies approach to communications campaigns.

Joel Lebethe, founder of Bakone explains: “We have a very specific people centred approach. Gone are the days where brands dictate to consumers and Bakone strategically makes an effort to understand the diverse markets and tell stories through consumers and not to consumers.”

For Ireland/Davenport, developing talent beyond the confines of their own business is part of the agency ethos.  This is evidenced by the recent support provided to another member of the team – Ernest Nkosi – to realise his dream of producing a full length film, which has gone on to receive critical acclaim.

John Davenport, Ireland/ Davenport co-founder and ECD , comments: “There are not enough campaigns that are conceptualised in vernacular.  Rather campaigns are translated from English into vernacular and this is not always ideal.  While we acknowledge that there has been progress, it is not sufficient.  It is for this reason that our industry needs people such as Joel to drive this mind-set change.  Joel is an extremely talented individual and our industry needs people of his calibre and his skill.”

With the philosophy of building brands by building communities, Bakone bases its strategies on psychographic and geographical knowledge.  “Mass market communication doesn’t mean duplication and translation; consumers can see through the blurred lines. We create ideas that resonate in a diverse South African market, by creating platforms where shared passions and experiences are the vehicle for behaviour change, (aspiration) brand loyalty and storytelling. This is what sets Bakone apart from the rest,” says Lebethe.


Ireland/ Davenport identified the uniqueness in Bakone and is providing complete back-end support for the start-up agency.  “We are committed to making a difference; to creating opportunities for young South Africans that have talent and skill.  Joel embodies these traits and is a valuable asset to our business.  We believe he will become an even more valuable asset to the industry as a whole as Bakone grows,” concludes Davenport.

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