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I SEE A DIFFERENT YOU rocks it with Grant’s Whisky


Grant’s Whisky recently announced their collaboration with a creative photography trio from Soweto, I See A Different You. The partnership has seen the young creatives embark on a nationwide journey portraying everyday South African’s who have stood by one another to achieve shared success, all seen through their camera lens.

Following their nationwide tour, the ISADY team will host a number of exhibitions, showcasing the exclusive images from their collaboration with Grant’s. Today we have a quick chat them to find out more.

For those who have been living under rock please give us a basic intro to I SEE A DIFFERENT YOU?

I SEE A DIFFERENT YOU started out as bloggers wanting to tell a different story about Soweto and Africa as they saw it and lived it as opposed to the negative image always portrayed by people who have never been to Soweto.

I SEE A DIFFERENT YOU are a trio of creatives who combine their passions for fashion, art and photography to portray Africa from their own perspective. Our names are Justice Mukheli, Innocent Mukheli, and Vuyo Mpantsha.

We tell our story through photographs documenting people’s lives and have built up a following through these images on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We have become known as philanthropists and social activists. Justice has also recently successfully launched his career as a filmmaker with his company 3Quarter Films, where he has directed films with a purpose that have changed people’s lives. Justice has also directed various commercials for DSTV and online content for Coca Cola.


What inspired the partnership between Grants Whisky and I SEE A DIFFERENT YOU?
The concept behind #StandTogetherMzansi was to bring together South Africans from all walks of life, to celebrate and embrace their cultural differences. We wanted people to engage with the raw and un-edited journey of people we photographed.

Please tell us what the Stand Together campaign is about and what it means to you?
The campaign was about finding people, whether they are siblings, businessmen, crews or friends who have a common goal and work together to achieve it. Artists and people who do great work and have amazing stories and are of great inspiration to young people.

The campaign taught us that no one achieves success alone and this is in line with what we as I See A Different You believe in. We are what we are because of how we work together as brothers and through our ability to work with ideas as a collective and realising that teamwork is better than what we do as individuals.

Along your travels what kind of people did you photograph and why did you choose them?
We were fortunate enough to photograph amazing artists and creatively minded people in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, who have helped one another to achieve shared success. We looked into who they are and what they represent. We worked with comedy group Goliath and Goliath, Augustine menswear, The Other Girls of The WKND Social, Trinity Sessions a contemporary art production team, Soweto Skate society and Explosive Taraians.

Research Unit, Imizo Ceramics, Laduma Ngxolo of Maxhosa by Laduma, Stuurman Style diary all in Cape Town. Coolout Vintage, Surfed Out and Holmes Brothers in Durban.

How would you guys define your photographic approach on this project?
Our work was very different to the kind of work we’ve done before. The people we met kind of influenced the way we shot this campaign. We decided to change the way we did photography and were a lot more experimental in our style. We wanted to show what made these people special and what contributed to their talent.

What do you guys define as amazing work amongst young South Africans?
Its work that represents who they are and what they believe in. You could be from any background or part of the country and showcase your own unique perspective of what creativity is about. This in turn inspires people to get out their comfort zone and test their creativity and change the way people view the country and the cultures we have, which only bodes well going forward not only for the creative community but society as a whole.

Digitally, how can the masses check out the campaign images?

Where can readers follow your work and Grant Whiskeys future initiatives 

I See A Different You

Twitter: @iseedifferent

Instagram: @iseeadifferentyou

Facebook: I See A Different You


Grants Whiskey


Twitter: @GrantsWhiskySA

Facebook: GrantsWhiskySA

Instagram: @grantswhiskysa


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