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Coke Town: the short film premiere

 Coke Town: the short film premiere

An all-star cast is set to take viewers deep into the slums of the notorious Cape Flats underworld

Ensemble cast:

Brendon Daniels (Four Corners), Chantal Stanfield (7de Laan, Montana), Keeno Lee, Brendan Murray, Martin Kintu and Johann Vermaak star in the 15 minute action-packed suspense thriller, Coke Town.

Inspired by classic film noirs like Robert Rodriguez’ Sin City and Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Homes, Ruben Engel showcases riveting performances by local sensations that is diabolically compelling as it is beautiful.

The sequel to Heavy Nomis (2003) is picked up five years later depicting Van Loevern (Johann Vermaak) as a kingpin of the underworld. He found himself tied to a daring heist, which took place five years ago and disappeared with a shipment of drugs belonging to one of the biggest cartel bosses, Browse Ossahad (Brendon Daniels).

Coke Town is filmmaker Ruben Engel’s first high-level budget short film, and together with Milton Schorr, he takes us on a throat-gripping journey down a long and dark cape mafia rabbit hole on the outskirts of Coke Town.

Maya Spector will open the show with a live band and is expected to perform for roughly 150 guests who are set to attend the premiere. Amongst these guests will be Cape Town’s entertainment industry favourites and selected media representatives. There after the film will proceed to air on the small screen and form part of various film festivals – locally and abroad.


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