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Welcome to The NEST

 Welcome to The NEST

Today we are launching two notable products: a beta version of their new website (, and a premium membership programme for young African creatives dubbed The|NEST|.

“For the past 3 years, we’ve worked closely with young creatives across South Africa and the rest of the continent. A shared concern that keeps coming up is the lack of resourceful platforms that can support their development and work as creatives. Both the new website and membership programme aim to address this,” says Dillion Phiri, co-founder of Creative Nestlings.

The new Creative Nestlings website will feature original content created for and by young creatives and the ability for young people to join the membership programme,The |NEST|.

The new website speaks to our core mission of giving a field guide to the African continent, its people, its beauty, creativity from the voices of the young creatives in different countries.

We are working on being the “home for young African creatives.” Over the next year, our work will be geared at nurturing and growing the Creative Nestlings network of active young people – throughout Africa. The new website and membership programme will be instrumental to this goal, says Lunga Mateta-Phiri,” co-founder of Creative Nestlings.

The |NEST|, a paid-for membership programme for young African creatives aged between 18 – 30, will provide members with access to their fellow young creatives through online network, opportunities to collaborate, discounts and perks from partners and business mentorship. The |NEST| will also provide members with the opportunity to participate in the Inaugural Nestlings Awards, exclusive access to select events, publications as well as access to a co-working and event spaces, later in 2015.

Members can get all these benefits for R500/year (or your country’s equivalent).

JOIN NOW & lets go far, together:

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