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‘DHL Africa as One’ Rugby World Cup Sponsorship Programme by agency 7 Different Kinds of Smoke


7DKS EMBRACES A PHILOSOPHY OF AUTHENTICALLY ENGAGING AND ENTERTAINING AUDIENCES. ‘Don’t compete with entertainment be the entertainment. This DHL ‘Africa as One’ campaign is proof of that.

In the build up to London 2015, Official Logistics Sponsor DHL Express will be setting out on a grand and ambitious journey to pass a single rugby ball from hand to hand through 45 countries, over 45 weeks, starting in Cape Town and ending in London.DHL Express… Delivering Africa As One!

The series follows the journey of a rugby ball as it makes its way through 45 African countries on its way to London 2015. This epic journey begins at the tip of the African continent in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Cape Town South Africa.

The brief was to effectively leverage DHL’s Tier 1 sponsorship of the 2015 Rugby World Cup. The core challenge being to find a way to make this sponsorship relevant to DHL’s African offices and vast client base – with consideration for the fact that rugby has a very small footprint on the continent. DHL had a proposal to do a series of coaching clinics across Africa in conjunction with Legends, but on it’s own (while great for developing the sport) this wouldn’t do much for the brand. We needed a solution that could create noise around the brand’s involvement with the sport; something to give context and meaning to the sponsorship that would be robust enough and newsworthy enough to create talk around the brand for as long as possible. The name ‘DHL Africa as One’ was an idea of 7DKS. The campaign was originally going to be a rugby road trip – 7DKS came up with the idea for the Youtube content and the music track. So client had an activation idea and they needed an agency to make it more creative and engaging….

Seven Different Kinds of Smoke are helping DHL take a rugby ball through 45 different countries from Cape Town all the way to London in time for the rugby world cup. Probably one of the most ambitious sponsorship campaigns for Rugby world cup.

Each week, Seven Different Kinds of Smoke ( 7DKS) receives content that is shot by a traveling production team, 7DKS finishes off the edit and then uploads it to you Youtube. A Youtube media budget is then allocated to each video and 7DKS  has to be very clever with media optimisation so that they can get as much reach and as many views as possible each week – the record is over 900, 000 views so far.

The campaign has successfully achieved over 7, 000, 000 views since September – DHL Africa as One is the second most viewed channel in the world for the mail and shipping brand category

It is currently ranked second in South Africa overall –

Due to the Seven Different Kinds of Smoke’s conceptualisation of the campaign, the number of subscribers of the DHL Africa Channel has grown from 100 to 2, 700 and continues to increase every week. The Youtube office in Ireland deals with all of Africa and has commented that the performance on the site is the best that they have ever seen on the continent, including South Africa.

They are currently on episode 10 at the moment and have covered countries like Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Sudan to name a few. The final montage will reveal the rugby ball being passed from person to person across 45 different countries until it is handed over to the IRB in London as a token of DHL’s commitment to growing the game of rugby in Africa.

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