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The animation trailer that’s just gone viral: Kariba


‘Kariba’ is a teaser trailer made by a group of friends, the Blue Forest Collective: Daniel Clarke, Jac Hamman, Charl Collocott and Daniel Snaddon.

The story: A modern African fairy-tale, the story is inspired by the history and mythology of the Kariba dam in Zimbabwe (built in the 1950s). When conflict between ambitious dam-builders and the tribes they have displaced worsen, the spirit of the river leaves a fearless daughter on its banks. Helped by the foreman’s son and guided by dreams, she must embark on a perilous journey to the source to uncover the solution to the feud and find her true identity.

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Story/Director: Daniel Clarke

Animation Director: Jac Hamman
Compositing/vfx: Charl Collocott
Animation: Daniel Snaddon
Backgrounds: Daniel Clarke
Effects animation: Mind’s Eye Creative
Music : Pressure Cooker Studios
Sound: Matthew Gair
Final Mix: Simon Ratcliffe

kariba 1

kariba 2 kariba 6 kariba 7

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